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How to Take Care of Your Lounge

At an average, lounges can last from 7 to 15 years depending on how you take care of them. Most people would discard of their lounges only after they see and experience the following:
  • The arms are falling off
  • The cushions have become flat
  • They start hearing creaking noises
  • It becomes itchy

So, how can you take care of your lounge for it to last longer? These 10 handy tips will be most helpful in maintaining its beauty for a long time. Read on.


Mattress Care Tips 101

Maximize your mattress's life

Mattresses are designed and manufactured to give us better sleep. It is commonly made from a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery. This is combined with the power of technology to achieve a firm, resilient, and uniform texture.

However, even the best mattresses in the world still need some care and attention, which includes the following:


Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Your Dining Chairs

Are you worried on how to maintain the beauty of your furniture items, particularly your dining chairs? Here are some tips for you to consider.


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