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Do you feel euphoric when touching the things you want to purchase before actually paying for it? 

You’re not the only one who feels this. In a study published by the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, they found that 62% of shoppers had purchased something to cheer themselves up, and another 28% had purchased as a form of celebration. 

This is what they refer to as retail-therapy.

Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping

Online shopping has been popular these days but believe it or not, it can’t compete with the feeling an individual gets from personally touching and seeing the item you are buying. No wonder many furniture buyers will still rather go visit their local store to shop for an item. The experience of touching and seeing these items at the store simply sends a different impact to our being, compared to when we are just viewing it online.

Let’s dig deeper and see why buying from your local store is still better than online shopping. 

The price can be different 

If you're looking at purchasing furniture, you might think that buying it online is cheaper. But have you added the shipping cost in your calculations? 
You should because it's still part of your expense. And what you may not notice is that the shipping cost is sometimes more expensive than your item. That’s a little misspend right on your pocket.

This is one of the big reasons why going and buying furniture at your local store can be CHEAPER. They may even offer to deliver the item to your doorstep for FREE. 

It is more secured.

By shopping at your local furniture store, you avoid having to deal with fraudsters, scammers and even inaccurate furniture descriptions. You are also lessening your risk of exposing sensitive information such as bank accounts and personal info because you don’t need to share this online. 

It gives the right quality, size, colour and comfort.

Have you ever bought an item online thinking it will have the perfect colour that will match your couch but ended up having to regret buying it?

This is one of the reasons why many still prefer to shop for their furniture locally. 

The actual colour of the furniture sold online can be different from the delivered item. 


These online pictures can easily be manipulated to look appealing to online buyers. The same goes for the size of the items. Furniture can look large and extravagant in pictures, but can be disappointing when it comes to your doorstep. The trouble is returning the item and getting a refund. 

Sometimes, it’s the quality that is in question. Yes! It comes in the right size and colour but may not last.

This rarely happens with a physical store because you can immediately check if the item’s colour and size are exactly as you want it. Should it have any defects, you can quickly return it.  If you are buying a sofa, you can personally try if it’s snug and fits you. Hence, you can be sure that all of your furniture is in excellent quality condition. 

When buying from your local furniture store in Stanthorpe, you can make sure that you back a locally owned business. 

Customer assistance

One of the most undervalued part of buying in your local furniture store is the level of customer assistance they deliver. This is what you won’t easily find in an online shopping experience. 

Expect a Sales Assistant to immediately assist you with any questions you may have regarding an item in their showroom, which will unlikely happen in an online environment. 


At Stanthorpe Furniture Emporium we ensure to provide you with quality furniture at a great deal. We know how important finding the perfect piece within a budget is for every customer. Come and visit our showroom at 62 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe, Queensland 4380 today. We are always happy to help you.

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