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5 Ways to Get Better Sleep in Winter

Winter is about to set in, thus, the dark, chilling, and long nights are also coming very soon. Longer nights during winter may keep you held in your bed in the morning; however, the freezing night air may also result in you not sleeping efficiently.

This article will help you how you can get better sleep for this coming winter. Read on.

Get some sunlight

We all know that vitamin D is important for our health and wellbeing. It helps in producing the right amount of melatonin at the right time. Melatonin is one of the factors responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. If it’s not enough or produced at the right time, it can affect our body’s sleeping cycle.

During winter, the sun is barely seen, so make sure to get enough of it by going out of the house while the sun is up. Read here to better understand the responsibility of our body’s melatonin.

Practice a sleeping routine and good hygiene

Practising a sleeping routine and good hygiene before going to bed will not only help you get a good night sleep during winter, but it can also help you in your other nights.

This is what you can do to help your body prepare for sleeping:

  1. Exercise a little
  2. Avoid stimulants like caffeine and sugar
  3. Turn-off or lessen your lights (e.g cellphones, TV, lamps). Check out here how blue lights can affect your sleep pattern.
  4. Check the effects of the food you’re eating before bedtime

Practice and stick to these bedtime routines and good hygiene to help you sleep better during winter nights, thus, bring your health to a better state.

Avoid overheating your home

During winter, it is a tendency for almost all homeowners to heat their home to make it warm and comfortable. However, if the temperature gets too hot, you’ll have a harder time to get sleep in the night, thus, makes you vulnerable to cough and cold. You wouldn’t want a runny nose on your sleep, right? That can just worsen your sleep.

Keep yourself active

To help yourself get better sleep during winter nights, what you can do is keep yourself active. For example, you can do exercise or go for a walk. You may think it’s hard to do, especially when the weather is freezing your muscles. But that’s a bigger reason to move more to avoid stiff joints.

Give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes of exercise in the morning and at lunch. It was advised by health experts that keeping yourself active can improve your sleep, thus makes you even healthier. You can do simple aerobic exercise or even just walking to pump up your body fuels, hence get better sleep at night. 

Create a sleep inviting space

Admit it, if you had a troubled night sleep, keeping up with your daily routines is harder.A good and complete night sleep provides many benefits to your health and morning activities. 

So another way to help you sleep better at night this coming winter is to create a sleep inviting space. Make your bedroom an inviting place to rest in. Consider changing the colour of your bedsheets, curtains, and blankets. Try the relaxing colours of oranges, reds, deep chocolates, grey, and pastel shades.

Aside from changing into comforting colours, do not forget to consider one of the important things in getting better sleep - your beddings.

Understand that good-quality bedding is a key factor to have a better and comfortable sleep. Make sure that your beddings are made out of high-quality materials and can last longer. Get the right bedding to ensure that you can sleep better during this coming winter. To ensure that you’re getting the correct beddings, choose a dependable retailer to help you.

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