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10 Furniture Styles for Your Home or Office this 2020

With our wide range of furniture style and brands, we can help you find the right furniture that fits your home or office.

Furniture adds beauty and boosts functionality at home or in offices. But do you know that it comes in different styles?

10 Furniture Styles for Your Home or Office this 2020

This article shares the different furniture to help you find that perfect match, which will suit your room or office. Let’s begin.

Modern Furniture Style

This type of furniture style ensures an open and airy feeling with its minimalist, clean, and simple features


  • Bare floors
  • Polished metals 
  • Small embellishments

This was first produced in the late 19th century and has been strongly influenced by modernisation. It embraces simplicity, straight clean lines, and smooth surfaces.

Contemporary Furniture Style

This is based on the current trend. Thus, it is natural for it to vary every now and then, as it gets mixed with borrowed facets and iconic pieces from different eras.

Although associated with modern furniture style, the contemporary furniture style does not follow the STRICT FORMAT present with the former. Rather, it incorporates TRENDY furniture styles that fits into the present trend. 

Country Furniture Style

Depending on the geographical situation, country furniture style can have wide variations. Nevertheless, it reflects the location where the style originated. This is preferred by many homeowners as it is long-lasting and practical.


  • Mute colours
  • Fancy wood carvings
  • Native farmer design

Classic Contemporary Furniture Style

Classic contemporary furniture style is perfect for people who love the effect of a combined modern and archaic design. Thus, it is common to see the following features in its furniture:

  • Elegance
  • Classic lines
  • Accents 
  • Natural elements 
  • Subtle hues

It is also typical to see wood or leather finishing, button detailing, streamlined or natural stone added to it. That’s the majest bestowed by these large yet simple and elegant furniture with intricate finishes. 

Cottage Furniture Style

This features a rustic, warm, and simple style that exerts provincial beauty. It is emphasised by its clean textures and lines painted with light airy colours. This creates a comfortable look and vibe, which is loved by many.

Eclectic Furniture Style

With an eclectic furniture style, a person’s personal preference is laid out on the furniture’s texture and finishes.  This gives it a diverse design range.

Scandinavian Furniture Style

This style uses pastel colour palettes, mostly in white tunes, into natural materials like wood and fabrics. This creates warmth and light to any space, especially for places where winter is dark, freezing, and long. 

Tuscan Furniture Style

Tuscan furniture style is inspired by the hills of Italy, which combines rustic and elegance look into its features. 


Elaborated patterns

Aged and iron scrollwork

Wrought-iron finishes 

As a result, it gives a down to earth appeal to your home or office.

Industrial Furniture Style

This furniture style derives its concepts from the openness of industrial warehouses and factories. It uses raw materials like steel, metal, brick, and distressed woods. This makes the furniture look edgy but top-notch on functionality.

Mid-Century Furniture Style

Mid-century furniture gets its inspiration from the most recognisable furniture pieces known in the present. This furniture style is very functional with a minimalist vibe. It is commonly  made from moulded plastic and aluminium. This makes it look a bit futuristic. 

Retro Furniture Style

Retro furniture style gives a vintage look because it’s borrowed from the styles of the 70’s. Although it may seem culturally outdated, the cinematic and homey vibe it adds to your home or office makes it extremely unique. .

Have you found a furniture style that suits your home or office?

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