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The January 2020 IMG Comfort Sale

It’s the start of the year and we are out to make your home a more comfortable place this 2020 with several IMG Comfort out on a sale.

January 2020 IMG Comfort Sale

Nordic Recliner Chairs

Enjoy the IMG Comfort that the Nordic recliner chairs have to offer as it offers a quality and truly Nordic Design. Choose from a variety of colour we have to offer. 

Nordic Recliner Chairs - IMG Comfort Sale

Aqua Clean Pet-Friendly Fabrics

This revolutionary fabric treatment is present in these high-quality lines of furniture from IMG comfort. 

Aqua Clean Pet-Friendly Fabrics - IMG Comfort Sale

How special is this fabric?

You can clean it with just the use of water. This includes ink, sauce, wine, fat, mud, creams and chocolates. 

This makes it the ideal furniture for any home with children. Go shop for your furniture, today. 

If you are already happy with that, there is more to celebrate with the Aqua Clean technology from IMG Comfort. Now, you can let your pets inside the house and stay at the comfort of your chairs.


Because the Aquaclean Extreme Fabric has been specifically structured to clean and prevent your pet's claws from digging into the fabric. This includes safety treatment that prevents the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop one for your home, today. 

Space Comfort

If you are still looking for an elegant comfort to add to your home, then the IMG Space Comfort is the perfect choice for you.

This is not only the statement of contemporary seating design but is also the top choice of many because of its wide range of leather and fabric alternatives. 

Come see our shop to see the available Space Comfort for sale. 

Space Comfort - IMG Comfort Sale

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